We hear “It’s too nice to cut!” all too often. We’ve experienced this first-hand with friends and family who wince at the sight of cutting into our own celebration cakes. We’re firm believers that cake is made to be eaten. It should taste as good on the inside as it looks on the outside!

The recipes we’ve included in this downloadable e-book are our signature classic flavours which we bake from scratch every week in our cake studio. They’ve been developed through years of trial and error and many are family recipes passed on through generations. They don’t have to be turned in to a decorated masterpiece – simply bake and top with icing to enjoy every day.

For those serious about decorating, you will find our ‘cake anatomy’ illustration useful in showing how we construct both our buttercream and fondant-draped tiers. The cake and filling flavour combinations are endless but we’ve included some suggested pairings to get you started.