Our Photography basics tutorial is designed to teach you the basics of photographic practise and set you on the right path to mastering the craft of commercial photography. This tutorial takes you through the camera aspects of digital photography, subject lighting, and composition. It includes extended information about types of lighting, both natural and artificial, and how to control and shape light in order to capture the perfect photos to showcase your business.

Designed for users all of levels of confidence and ability, Photography basics explores the fundamental aspects of making great photographs using minimal and affordable equipment. With useful practical advice, this tutorial concentrates on the acquisition and application of the skills needed for competent commercial photography.

Whether you have a digital single lens reflex (DSLR), a mirrorless camera or smartphone, it is important that you take the time to get to know your camera. Skills should be practised repeatedly so they become working knowledge. Eventually, these skills will become intuitive and you will be able to showcase your business and products clearly and beautifully.

This guide is intended to help you save time and move you on your path to learning the language of photography and light. We will cover some key terminology for describing photographs and light as well as provide full-colour reference images to help better explain some core concepts. Also included are some very useful exercises and tips for you to try yourself.